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We provide Student Background Screenings for the education, healthcare and financial institutions throughout the USA. Backed by powerful user friendly and interactive web based state of the art research application software, it can be customized to meet client's unique needs. The web based interface is secure and scalable and it is designed to simplify the verification process. Intuitive and easy to use it reduces ordering time for your student background checks.





Student Background Check Screening


StudentCheckUSA is a fully integrated web-based solution that connects the clinical site, the school and the student so that the background check requirements are easily managed. The Student Check custom and comprehensive background checks allow your institution to screen your students based on your specific requirements.


Benefits of a Student Screening System:

StudentCHECK360 Package:

Package Fee: $29.95

** Additional court access fee may apply


The StudentCHECK360 package can be customized with additional searches if needed.