Business Background Checks

Business Background Checks


Before doing business with any company, a background check should be performed to make sure the business and its owners are responsible and reliable. Also, Before you do business with a company get a detailed profile of the company and determine how responsible they are with payments and with handling their debts. Don't take chances, get informed by gaining quick access to detailed company information.



Contractor Check Report 

Screening Contractors / Handymen / Home Repair Workers  is one of the best ways to protect yourself from unlicensed contractors. Unlicensed contractors cause major problems for homeowners and state and local investigators every year. You can face huge bills if a worker is injured on the job and chooses to sue, especially if the contractor is not insured or his/her insurance is not active. If the Contractor has filed for bankruptcy or has financial problems then your project may encounter problems during completion or if the Contractor has a criminal record then your safety may be at stake. Asking for references does not always give a true picture as they could be biased and it is very difficult to find independent references. For your safety and to save money and damages it is best to get a thorough background check on a Contractor, especially for big projects. Results 24 to 48 hrs. Search Fee $69.95


Screen Contractor, Background Check Reports generally search:  


Executive Background Check Report

Our Executive report is very comprehensive and unique  - based on returned data we will investigative further to get additional information.  Your Executive Search is not given to a computer  - it is assigned to an actual licensed investigator who performs the searches and personally reviews the report before it gets sent back to you.


Comprehensive Executive Profile Includes:

Search Fee: $249.95
Report Completed:
3 to 5 business days