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Criminal Background Checks 

The practice of conducting effective background checks in Canada for prospective employees has exploded in the workforce. The need to hire the most qualified candidates, and the inherent risk in hiring the wrong candidates, has never been greater.  The costs of not performing a proper background check in Canada can be costly for employers due to theft, workplace violence, unqualified workers, resume fraud, computer misuse, lawsuits, workmans compensation fraud, sexual harassment and more. InfoCheckUSA can provide all of your Canadian Background Checks.


We recommend a criminal record check on all candidates, as over 10% of all Canadians have criminal records.




Criminal Background Check


CANADA Criminal Record Search by Province 
Hiring someone from Canada? InfoCheckUSA can conduct criminal record searches in Canada by PROVINCE. Canadian criminal searches by province include criminal records for the province being searched. All Canadian criminal searches include crimes and offenses that are comparable to felony and misdemeanor offenses in the United States. All filings are "hand searched" for quality control and accuracy. We will obtain a search of at least 7-years (default) or further upon request. You are provided with all available details of convictions including charges, offense date, conviction date, disposition and sentence. Results available 3 to 7 Business days $39.95 (Per Province)

Note: There are 10 Provinces and 3 Territories in Canada.



International Education & Employment Records
In today's global economy, a growing percentage of the work force are international. InfoCheckUSA provides International Verifications for all of its screening services, including education, employment, and reference checks. Backed by powerful user friendly and interactive web based state of the art research application software, and staff proficient in foreign languages working around the clock, InfoCheckUSA can provide verifications from around the world. The interface and procedures for ordering international verifications is the same as domestic verifications, through our easy to use online system. Search Fee: $39.95 (3 days to 2 weeks)

Companies that employ delivery drivers and long-haul truckers should run the background checks listed below to make sure that their drivers are "model" citizens, have good driving records and are properly licensed. Companies can spending thousands of dollars in court costs and attorney fees if their drivers are involved in accidents and they were not properly licensed or had prior negative driving records.


Canada, Puerto Rico & Guam MVR Driving Records:




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