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The practice of conducting effective nanny background checks for prospective nannies should be a priority for parents. What is more important than your children? Due to recent child abuse and kidnapping incidents in the USA, every parent MUST perform a comprehensive nanny background check. InfoCheckUSA can give parents peace of mind.




The Nanny Search includes:


Comprehensive Screening Package Includes:

Current & Previous Addresses -Sexual Offender Check -*Motor Vehicle Driving History -Professional License Verification -Social Security/Identity Verification -County Criminal History -Employment & Education Verification -Reference Verification -Felony & Misdemeanor Criminal History, Complaints, Rumors, Awards.


Social Security/Identity Verification:
This search can help you pinpoint the names and addresses used with the Social Security Number and can also help you identify or catch any type of fraud conducted in relation to the number.

County Criminal History:
This search manually checks felony or misdemeanor's recorded at the County level at the county courthouses.

Motor Vehicle Driving History:
This search will show any motor vehicle offenses in the state including speeding tickets, drunk driving, and reckless driving. If your Childcare provider will be driving your children, this is a must have! Additional states can be checked for a fee.

Current & Previous Addresses:
This search checks and verifies the individuals address history. This can help you determine if what the individual told you matches with what is found in various public records.


Sexual Offender Check:
A sex offender is a person who has been criminally charged and convicted of a sexual offense. This can include sexual offenses against children. In most states Sexual offenses are often reported beyond the 7 year period of most other felonies and misdemeanors.

Professional License Verification
If the childcare provider purports to hold a professional license, we can verify that this is true. We will need the license number and state of issue.

Employment & Education Verification:
We will contact the last two employers of the individual to verify the date employed, title, and salary. We will also contact a single educational institution to verify dates of attendance and degrees received. We will make three attempts to contact these institutions. Additional employers and education institutions can be contacted for an additional fee.

Reference Verification:
Your childcare provider may have provided you with a list of references. We will contact the two of your choosing to verify that these are in fact valid references and that the reference recommends the childcare provider for this position. We will make three attempts to contact these individuals. Additional references can be called for a fee.



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