National Criminal SuperSearch(NCSS)

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What is the NCSS (National Criminal SuperSearch)?

The SuperSearch is the most comprehensive criminal database search available in the market today.  The NCSS scans over 900 million criminal records across 3 major databases from every state in the country.


How do I run a National Criminal SuperSearch?

You order the SuperSearch directly from your online account. Only the applicants name and dob (date of birth) is required to run the search. The search can be ordered individually or in combination with any other search. Many of our pre-configured packages include the NCSS search in them.


What makes the NCSS National Criminal SuperSearch better than other database searches?

Criminal database searches are not 100% accurate or complete. The SuperSearch is unique as it scans 3 criminal databases to provide a far more complete and thorough search than a single-database search. The NCSS also scans over 900 million records compared to the industry standard of 400 million records. This means that you are more likely to find potential problems that an applicant may have on their record which will protect yourself and your company from risk. We verify any returned records with the county court for accuracy which can delay your report up to 3 business days.

Will the NCSS replace County Criminal Searches?

No - The NCSS SuperSearch is not intended to replace county-level criminal searches but rather to complement them.  The SUPERSEARCH affords a broad nationwide check of all criminal records; county-level criminal checks are used to supplement and validate the records from the SUPERSEARCH. Neither criminal search is complete on its own. County Criminal searches are the best and most thorough way to search but can be costly due to the number of county courts in the USA.  SuperSearch can search data from all those counties instantly, but since any database can contain some inaccurate data, the county-level searches are the best way to validate those results. 


InfoCheckUSA does NOT recommend the National SuperSearch as the primary or only resource for conducting a criminal background check. A seven year County Level Criminal check for all counties where the applicant has lived should also be used in addition to the SUPERSEARCH.


NOTE: The SUPERSEARCH will be delayed if there are "hits" due to a Quality Assurance Review of the records.  A Clear report will be returned within 15 minutes. A County Criminal check should be ordered with any database check. Your account may be charged for a county check ($15.95 + court fees) if you only ordered a database check and the report was returned with possible records - this process is to maintain compliance for pre-employment screening purposes.


NCSS Search Fee: $19.95